Union Boss to Members: Shut the F*%k Up, You Motherf*%kers!

Posted: December 21, 2010 in International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Labor Unions, United Auto Workers
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[original post 1/28/2010]

United Auto Workers (UAW) union rank and file members shout down their own UAW leadership in a heated meeting on January 24th, as their UAW leader loses it at the podium.  Sunday’s meeting in California made last summer’s Town Halls look like a family picnic, after a few choice words from their UAW leader spurred the crowd of rank and file members to erupt in screaming and chaos.  At one point,  another attendee tries to reason with the crowd, pleading “we have women and children in here that are scared.”

WARNING: Strong language, angry-town-hall-mob-like-behavior

[ORIGINAL VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE – replacement video below]



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