Ushering in the New Year with a New!

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Announcement, News, Politics
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If you’re a regular Liberty Chick reader, you may have noticed something different when you arrived at my blog today…very different, indeed.  That’s because the site’s not only got a whole new look and feel, but the content has been completely streamlined as well.

I’d been working with several grassroots activist groups over the last two years.  Given that it was a growing period for so many, my previous blog was doing double duty as a portal of resources to help these groups to organize and grow.  I’m delighted to say that most have grown beyond anyone’s wildest expectations and it is exciting to see where so many of these grassroots activists are today.  Some have even moved on to become leaders in a fast growing and now largely self-sustaining movement.

That said, it was finally time to redesign my website to focus again on my own writing and research, where my attention will be in 2011.  Allow me to give you a quick summary of the new site:

Home: Displays all of my most recent posts, including those from the Big sites.  Since posts were ported over from the old site, many will display an “original post date” to reflect the date the post was first written, rather than the date on which it was posted to the new site.

Research: This is an arsenal of about 50 or so of the research sources that I most frequently use.  Includes references for digging up news stories and television clips, company registrations and financial reporting, labor union expenditures, non-profit and charity reporting, political campaign disclosures, salaries and disclosures of Congress members and staffers, state and federal government spending, who’s lobbying for earmarks and federal regulations…and more.  If you’re a muckraker like me, you’re going to love this section.

News Sources: Ever scoured the web for a list of blogs and websites in which YOU would be interested?  This section contains a compilation of various Conservative, Libertarian and independent news sources and references, grouped by media type.  Includes rather comprehensive lists of Print/Mainstream Media, Columnists and On-Air Commentators, Blogs, Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups.

Activist Resources: For those who still need a little hand at maintaining and growing their groups, I’ve revamped the resources for activists and provided helpful tools and references for everything from offline and online Marketing and Promotion, to PR and Social Media to Event Planning.  All the suggestions and recommended tools you need to easily do everything yourself for FREE (and a few for very low cost).

About: Some info about yours truly, including my professional background, my upbringing, and why I hold the views that I do.  And yes, my real full name!  Take it or leave it, it’s me.

And if you’re looking for some of the posts from the old site, I’ve backed up the most popular 20 or so of the oldest posts here.

(Plus I’ve thrown in a couple extras – like fun places LC has ended up on the airwaves,  some of my favorite videos shaping the political events of the day, and even some special Christmas music recordings for you, performed by me and my musician friends.)

I hope you enjoy the new site and find the content interesting and helpful. Please feel free to offer suggestions for other content you’d like to see.

My warmest thanks for being a Liberty Chick reader and very best wishes for a safe, healthy, happy, and freer New Year!!



  1. I just encountered you excellent column of the Culture of Death of the Progressive Left attacking Sarah Palin. This will be useful in one of my future columns. Will reference you. Thank you.

    Donald R. May
    “Mr. Conservative”

  2. Mandy, Saw your piece on the youtube video removal, enjoyed it, led me to your blog site and other writings. Wanted to drop an e-mail to say so, but saw no “contact me” button to click (privacy/security reasons I am guessing; sad statement on society that we have to close contact to avoid the hate from the loons.) Anyway, keep up the good work, SP