State public employees protested today in Wisconsin against Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to help close an immediate $137 million budget shortfall and a two-year budget at $3.6 billion beginning on July 1st.  Under Walker’s plan, state employees would:

  • Contribute 5.8% toward pension funds
  • Contribute 12.6% to health care premiums
  • See pay increases capped at the rate of inflation; however, larger increases may be voted upon via voluntary referendum
  • No longer have union dues automatically deducted from their paychecks, as they’ll gain the ability to opt out of paying union dues (once current contracts expire)
  • Lose some collective bargaining rights:  State government cannot currently touch any elements of the public sector union contracts in an effort to make budget adjustments; therefore, reducing some elements of collective bargaining such as hours and expanded benefits (those outside of health/pension) will give the state more flexibility in the future to reduce spending without being forced to cut jobs or enforce any furloughs.   Police, fire and various emergency/safety workers would be exempt from this provision.

Apparently, that triggered the Myan Apocalypse.  Or maybe Woodstock.  I can’t really tell the difference.

As you can imagine, Democratic allies flipped out.  Organizing for America and the Democratic National Party got right to work, ginning up the rhetoric beyond what the plan really entails and organizing the protests for this week, including many that closed schools all across the state.

The labor union bosses are fully aware that given the option, most employees will opt out of paying unions dues, which means less members and less political power.  Democrats know that this means less votes.  Rachel Maddow explained it quite concisely tonight on her program, explaining that the response to this budget bill really isn’t about the budget at all.  This is about preserving the voting machine of the Democratic Party, public sector unions.

“This is an existential fight for the Democratic Party and any Democrat who doesn’t get that is being willfully ignorant,”  Maddow explained.

The International Socialist Organization also jumped into the fray.  Notice in the video below that the young lady being interviewed, an International Socialist Organization organizer, indicates that “[she’s] a public employee  in Wisconsin, a lot of [their] members are.”  So, if you’re a Wisconsin taxpayer, your hard-earned tax dollars are supporting a hoard of socialist public employees, apparently.

h/t @CSteven

It was quite the dramatic display today, as protesters also compared Governor Walker to Hitler, while others called for more drastic measures, “The Revolution is Being Televised!  We need to Tax the Rich!  They whored all of our money! We give all our money, all our paychecks to the rich, to the corporations to exploit our work anyway.”

h/t @CSteven

Of course, rather than simply stand and vote “No,” cowardly Democrats chose to collectively flee the state to ensure a quorum would fail and today’s vote would be postponed.  When they did not show up at vote time, police were dispatched to locate the wussified Wisconsin lawmakers.

In the end, that was hardly necessary.  Because who needs police when you have the Tea Party to chase down cowardly Democrats on the lam?!!

Perhaps we can TiVo the revolution instead.

  1. djmcs11 says:

    Where is this on Breitbart? I need an audience to tear it apart. This place is a ghost town. “find it yourself lazy ass”. You are either too lazy to post it on Breitbart or it is so bad that it couldn’t even make the miniscule standards required over there. Next time, know wut you’re talking about before opening your cakehole.

    • LC says:

      Looks to me like the only ones doing any talking are the socialists on these videos. Sorta speaks for itself dj.

      By the way, you know I was in two of these unions, right?

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