Occupy Protester, 19 Year Old Stevie Bates, Still Missing – How You Can Help

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT/POST FLYERS to help spread the word about Missing Occupier Stevie Bates:

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Stevie Bates, a 19 yr old woman who is an Occupy supporter has gone missing.  Her mother, Vivian Bates, is looking for information regarding her daughter’s whereabouts.  Anyone who has heard from Stevie, or who has any information that might be able to assist in finding her is encouraged to contact the mother at (646) 345-3410 or (646) 648-8458.

The Daily News published a thorough story on the last known whereabouts of Stevie Bates.  (NOTE: according to Ms. Bates, the last sentence in the article with her quote should read, “And this is unlike her not to at least be somewhere where I can find her or where her friends know where she was. I don’t know what to think. I haven’t heard anything.”)

I have spoken with Vivian Bates directly, and her mother is very concerned.  While Stevie is an adult, Ms. Bates indicates that her daughter had kept in touch with her regularly.  She says that it is unusual for Stevie to have gone this long without being in contact with her family and/or friends.  The family filed a Missing Persons report with the police in Yonkers, New York, which I have also confirmed directly with police.

Regardless of your political beliefs, this is a daughter whose mother has not heard from her for over two weeks, and she is very concerned.  She has been visiting Union Square and handing out flyers to Occupy Wall Street protesters, canvassing the area and asking people if they have seen or heard from Stevie or know anything about her whereabouts.  While some protesters claim they think they may have seen Stevie in Union Square, NY on May Day, there has been no definitive confirmation of this to date.

You can help by spreading the word.  Vivian Bates has provided the flyers that she herself has been handing out in NY.  If you are so inclined, please download and print them and pass them out (as appropriate – please follow any local rules), especially if you are in the NYC area.  Stevie was last known to have spoken with her mother on April 27th at 7:52 pm ET while in Pittsburgh on a Greyhound bus layover stop – Stevie was expected to board the bus again as it headed for Port Authority in New York to arrive at 5:40 am that morning.  It is not known whether or not she made it there.  The bus schedule indicates that there were two other scheduled stops along the bus route that Stevie might have traveled – one in Slippery Rock, PA at 10:50 pm for 15 mins, and a stop in Philadelphia at 3:20 am for 20 mins.  If you are in those areas, it would also be helpful to spread the word about Stevie Bates.

Thank you to all who have been so helpful thus far, especially to Michelle Malkin, who has elevated the exposure of this story.  Stevie’s mother conveyed her thanks and appreciation to all of you who have taken an interest in this and helped to spread the word.  As Michelle said, every second counts.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT/POST FLYERS to help spread the word about Missing Occupier Stevie Bates:

Download Flyer 1    |    Download Flyer 2

All communication helps:  Blog Posts, Facebook, Twitter, Email, please help spread the word.

Thank you.

  1. Concerned says:

    Hi Shamus, Can you give her mom a call I believe her # is 646-345-3410

  2. Shamus says:

    I was traveling with her from Nyc to cali when she decided to go back home i love that girl and hope she will surface her smile is needed in this world and so everyone out there can stop hurting so mutch

    • Concerned says:

      Hey Shamus, Have you got in touch with Stevie’s mom yet? She’s waiting for you to call her at 646-345-3410