1. My website is NOT associated with LibertyChickLive, aka Kassie Dill, of the infamous “Why I Do Not Support the Troops” video.  I can’t explain Kassie any better than this good soldier doesThere is no question that I DO support our troops.
  2. There has been an orchestrated disinformation and smear campaign against me since June, 2011 that aggressively continues today.  The individuals conducting the campaign hide under the cover of certain hacktivist and protest movements, but they are not real members of those movements.  They also claim to be paid operatives working on behalf of a left-wing organization and a certain former Democrat member of Congress.  Whether their claim is true, or they’re rogue individuals, it’s important newcomers to my site know the truth, as much as I can share it.  Please read this synopsis if you’ve come here by way of those efforts.

My real name is Mandy Nagy.  I write under the pseudonym Liberty Chick; everybody calls me “LC” for short.

I’m a writer, researcher and activist whose political views might best categorize me as a Libertarian or Constitutional Conservative.   I’m also a researcher and blogger for Andrew Breitbart’s online publications, covering primarily protest movements and extreme elements of the institutional Left, as well as law and technology subjects.  My work has been featured on many libertarian and conservative blogs, and has been referenced by mainstream outlets such as FOX News, the Washington Examiner, Rush Limbaugh (Rush’s Total Stack of Stuff), John Stossel and the Glenn Beck Program.

I am co-host of The Chat Pack Live and I also appear on a few other radio podcasts from time to time (list not regularly updated).  You can find my posts at Breitbart.com and at Legal Insurrection.

You can email me at libertychickblog [at] gmail [dot] com.  Follow me:

Liberty Chick on Twitter and on Liberty Chick on Facebookor 

About My Background

As a child, writing and music were my two passions.  By high school, I was attending Young Authors’ conferences and on the staff of both the school newspaper and creative writing magazine.  I also performed in all of the school’s music groups and was lucky enough to attend a part-time special school for the Arts two days a week, where I focused on my music.  After graduating high school, I went on to study as a classical flutist at Trenton State College in NJ and then privately in NY with a principal member of the New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

I worked for some time in music performance, education and outreach before transitioning to a second career in information systems and legal research, eventually expanding into marketing and new media strategy.  Among the corporations at which I’ve worked, I spent several years at LexisNexis, a prominent provider of research products for law firms and news outlets, where I project managed the development of new online research products, and legal editorial content and case summaries.  My interest in research continued to expand after I left LexisNexis to work for another legal services provider, and I took on parallel projects as a freelance researcher and writer for a variety of private clients.  In fact, it was a freelance research project that I worked on nearly 10 years ago for an independent investor that first introduced me to the name George Soros.

I’ve had experiences with a variety of organizations and unions over the course of my 20 year career so far – from musicians and teachers’ unions, to non-profit outreach groups, to law firms and small investment firms.  I spent some of my early time as a member – by force – of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), AFL-CIO.  That alone taught me a lot, and opened up my eyes to some of the ugly side of big labor.

Not surprisingly, many of these personal experiences have often collided with my research projects and illuminated the antics of labor unions and left-wing grassroots groups, hence defining my specialty areas of interest in the institutional left, big labor and politically-motivated philanthropy.

About Me

I was raised in a small NJ town by a very young single mother.  Only a teenager herself when I was born,  my mom always somehow managed to steer us free of trouble.  Early on, before my other siblings were born, my mom and I often lived in rather deplorable conditions.  While it could have been easy for my mother to stay on welfare assistance, she recognized that doing so would only perpetuate our impoverished existence.  It wasn’t good for us.  She started working two and three jobs, while my siblings and I relied on used clothing and hand-me-downs from aunts and cousins.  By then we lived in a tiny three-room apartment; not only did we all share the same sleeping quarters, we sometimes shared beds.  We spent a lot of time with my grandparents, too.  My mother always worked hard, hoping to change things.  Over time, she was promoted from one job to another, and things improved.  Still we remained poor, but less and less poor every year.  In all honesty, as kids we weren’t really even always aware of our own poverty.  My mother’s perseverance to break free from the prospect of a long-term lifestyle of welfare taught me first-hand the rewards that come from hard work, sacrifice and personal responsibility.  And looking back, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.  It kept us close and made us each who we are today.  I never wanted for anything and I hold no grudges.  Life is what it is and what you make of it.  And all of these years, my mom has been the most unbelievable mentor, for which I am eternally grateful.

About My Views

My upbringing has shaped my social and political views over the years.  While I’m not personally religious, I do believe in something bigger than us, and that what we do in life today will determine what happens to us after we’re gone.  I believe that we have a moral obligation to care for our fellow citizens.  Perhaps where my views differ from that of progressives is that I don’t believe that the federal government is the best solution to serve as any individual’s caretaker.  By allowing our federal government to serve such a purpose, we absolve communities and individual citizens of their moral responsibility to care for their fellow Americans.  We should not allow government to become our justification to turn a blind eye to the suffering that exists right in front of us.  The founders were clear in establishing that the general welfare needs of an individual were to be addressed first by the individual himself; once the individual became incapable, then needs were to be addressed by the individual’s family, then the local community and if necessary, the state – because these are the outlets most acquainted with the individual and his needs.  The clause “general welfare”, even to central governing types like Alexander Hamilton, was intended to pertain to funding certain needs at the national level, and not for the benefit of any specific individuals or states.   Additionally, such financial redistribution artificially creates class warfare.

I’ve learned all too well that the federal government of today’s era delivers such assistance inefficiently and in a most egregiously untimely manner.  While an individual suffers waiting on a massive bureaucracy to make decisions and to move as nimbly as is needed, local citizens often look away, having assumed that their tax dollars are already caring for their neighbor.  This is why once an individual receives government assistance, he finds it difficult to part with it.  Reliance upon government assistance risks creating a culture of prolonged poverty.  Some are content to live this way.  But such welfare aid can paralyze even good, otherwise ambitious people into inaction.  That’s been my observation, anyway.

So many of today’s government-funded social entitlement programs are a product of partisan politics, derived directly from politicians and instituted by the federal government as part of a campaign slogan.  How many such programs first considered solutions other than the federal government? I’d like to see us return to the truly non-partisan non-profit business model as a viable solution to some of the problems our society faces today.  If it pertains to protecting rights and liberties, then government of course has a place.  But when it pertains to funding and delivering services to those individuals, there are often other more appropriate options to try first, including volunteer, non-profit, private sector and state-sponsored solutions.  I’m not against the concept of government providing a safety net, not at all.  I’d just like to see our country making the effort to better incorporate and empower additional options, instead of making the federal safety net the ONLY option available to us.

As someone living with Lupus, a serious chronic illness, and who has also had several spinal surgeries to address an injury, I know what it is like to deal with health insurance challenges.  I’ve lived with and without insurance, and have had to spend some time on Medicaid at one time or another.  My experience has shown me that while certain reforms are definitely needed to make health insurance more affordable to everyone, a government insurance plan like Medicare for all would hurt, not help, people like me.  I need specialty services often turned down by government programs – it’s one thing to fight an insurance company, but fighting a government agency is an entirely different battle.  Again, this is an area where I’d like to see more non-profit exploration and ease of regulations to make it permissible for more doctors and facilities to offer their own payment and insurance plans, and for individuals to find new non-employer pools to negotiate discounted pricing.

Too much government also fosters corporate greed and corruption and crowds out honest business and innovation.  It shifts precious resources away from the private sector and into the less productive public sector.  And it erodes our liberties.  I feel that the federal government’s authority is already far too over-reaching and we need to start weaning away from the government’s intervention, not expanding it.

There are already over 4,500 federal crimes on the books and multitudes more regulations.  The average American now commits on average about three federal felonies every day, without even knowing it.  And we unwittingly break far more than that in federal regulations every day.  According to the Office of the Federal Register, by the end of the Bush administration’s term in 2008, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) contained a whopping total of 157,974 pages of regulations.  And since Obama took office, the number of those regulations has increased even more to hit a record high of 163,333 pages.  By comparison, that is three times as much as it was 40 years ago in 1970, when the CFR totaled 54,834 pages.

Our federal government has become an institution that creates benefits for one class of individuals by discriminating against another class to do so.  It has resorted to overcriminalizing everyday life under the false premise of protecting us all from fraud, abuse and harm.  It would seem to me that rather than protecting our precious liberties, as our Constitution mandates, the federal government does more to endanger those liberties every day.

While there is an appropriate role that the federal government can and should play in all of our lives, all told, I’m simply an advocate for a smaller, fiscally responsible  government, and for free markets and the power of the individual.  How on earth our media and left-wing pundits can possibly call that “extremist” is entirely beyond me. I guess that must be what happens when you don’t get outside into the real world all that much.

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The Blogmocracy

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NOTICES (Continued)

Synopsis of campaign by left-wing smear operatives:

There has been an orchestrated disinformation and smear campaign against me (and several others) since June, 2011 that aggressively continues today.  The individuals conducting the campaign claim to be paid operatives working for a left-wing organizations and a certain former Democrat in Congress.  That Democrat’s resignation from Congress amid public scandal is the front for their nefarious activity.

The operatives also purport to be activists with the Occupy movement and with Anonymous.  One of them however, curiously does not seem to have actually attended any Occupy events, nor participated in Occupy GAs, calls, or other activities in any meaningful way.  S/he merely RTs stories about Occupy and tries to communicate via Twitter with other Occupy activists.  S/he, in my opinion, appears to be trying to hide behind Occupy to make her/his accusations seem legitimate, and to garner protection from Occupiers.

The operatives’ goal is to try to falsely implicate me and several others in a manufactured scandal and/or crimes, in an attempt to ultimately go after a particular high profile target.  It is very much akin to other schemes conducted by rogue leftists (like this one and this one) that have been recently busted and are being investigated by authorities.  As part of the activities they conduct for this smear campaign, they operate a number of Twitter accounts and blogs that push out lies and false accusations on a full-time basis, some of those being parody accounts of mine, or Occupy related account names.  Revealed through earlier email communication another of the operatives has sent to us, they do this in part with the stated intent of Google bombing their victims and creating enough convolution to disarm victims of truth as their defense, as well as to discourage law enforcement from investigating it.  They have engaged in activities that have caused real life consequences to their victims offline as well, and have potentially put some of the victims and other innocent (and completely uninvolved) people in physical danger.

The operatives have gone so far as to work with a colleague (who spent 18 years in prison for committing a violent crime) to file court actions, some filed against an innocent defendant directly, based upon disingenuous motives and, in some instances, what appear may be false accusations.  In other court filings, their colleague has named me and others as third parties, rather than direct defendants (thereby denying us of the opportunity to defend ourselves in court), and has intentionally included extraneous information in the filings in order to insert or conjure false accusations.  In other words, the false accusations are not the direct legal matters being argued in court – they’re simply added into the documentation for the purpose of getting the information into the public record.  Once on the public record, the documents are then disseminated by the operatives via social media, where various false accusations are selectively referenced in their tweets, blog posts and blog comments all around the internet.  The operatives rely on the fact that their readers will not bother to thoroughly review or research the contents of the documents, much less try to verify whether the accusations have any merit.  They simply tweet or post outrageous lies, then link to the court filings and pervert the court system to falsely project credibility to their followers.

The operatives’ aim in pursuing court actions is not dependent on outcome (every time motions are denied, they simply rely upon their key colleague to file new ones), they do not care about winning or losing the legal actions.  The goal is to attempt to keep their victims distracted, to drain us financially and mentally, to cause others to distance themselves from us, and to give their lies false credibility in the eyes of their followers. Their goal is to make innocent people with whom they disagree politically *look* guilty in the court of public opinion.

When one victim in particular attempted to get the aggressive harassment to cease, he went to law enforcement authorities and ultimately to the courts.  Frustrated by the length of time it’s taken for authorities to investigate the matter, he even set up a blog dedicated to exposing the tactics and activities these operatives have been conducting.  After a recent harassment charge was filed in court by the victim, one of the operatives, in a brazen attempt to hide his guilt and create enough convolution to frustrate authorities, responded (according to a claim he has written in public) by filing what strongly appears to be a false report to various law enforcement authorities.

Perhaps the worst thing in all of this smear campaign has been the operatives’ abuse of other entities and individuals to accomplish their deeds.  They have perverted the court system to intentionally expose personal information about some of the victims.  And as self-proclaimed activists with Occupy and Anonymous, these operatives have also preyed upon other activists, pushing lies and false reports in an attempt to incite unknowing activists to take actions that the operatives know will be harmful against innocent people.

The operatives themselves have been extremely creative in manipulating others to do their dirty work.  It’s been a 9-month long game of social engineering to these operatives.  But their actions have at times crossed over from aggressive harassment into criminal and/or illegal activities, both online and offline, and they are unfortunately implicating their fellow activists in those activities – without ever telling them the truth.  That being said, it makes me suspect that these operatives are not truly dedicated at all to the movements they claim to support.  Rather, they seek refuge in the leaderless, convoluted amalgam that is Occupy and Anonymous, where it’s easy for them to blend in and get lost amongst the chaos, while using activists as both weapons and shields of defense at the same time.

One of the key operatives has already stated so much in other communications to us privately.  For instance, when I told him he was making incorrect assumptions (by wrongly concluding an identity not connected to me in any way was a family member of mine) and making false accusations against me in public, this operative responded the following in a threatening email to me months ago:

“Facts don’t matter, that’s the perception of the situation, and the world is going to act on that basis.”

When “the world” acts, eventually the criminal activity will be exposed.  And sadly, when that happens, these operatives stand to take down a lot of unknowing collateral from their own “side” with them.  While I may not always agree with everything that “side” believes in, I believe that free speech is more speech, and I believe that the truth will always overcome in the end.  I don’t at all enjoy seeing all the additional unsuspecting individuals these operatives have been implicating in their scheme.  It’s simply not an American way to behave, especially not over politics.  Which has to make you wonder what more must be driving the desperate moves of these select few who happen to be bad eggs.

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  3. Alissa Dirks says:

    I just found your site and enjoyed reading about your story.. you have many many people behind you supporting you and as a Canadian I want to say that I’m appalled at the fact that these “trolls” are out harrassing people such as yourself, Patterico and AW, McCain..etc etc..for only wanting to tell the truth.. The sun is shining my dear and it is gettin’ extremely hot!!

  4. Chief RZ says:

    Hi Mandy, Glad to have you blogging The Truth in journalism. I taught a student with the same last name as yours. Turned out it was reversed also. He was Hungarian and said his family swam in 1956.
    Chief RZ

  5. serr8d says:

    You’ve calmed down by now, yes? Forget all that previous unpleasant angsty angst; let’s move forward.

    ‘Call’ me. 😉

  6. […] Liberty Chick’s website. […]

  7. I hate the fact that vicious people hide behind anonymous to attack you . The bogus court filings are an outrageous abuse of our system. Thank you for the good work you do. I will answer tweets from these cretins and go on the attack with you. Keep up your excellent work and remeber that you have a lot of support out here.

  8. hey LC talked to ya twitter earlier. I just looked at your web site WOW neeto. Thank you for all the good work you are doing God Bless you 🙂

  9. Joshua Geno says:

    I apologize, sometimes names are confusing. im just lost and angry. no fault of your own. – Geno

  10. Joshua Geno says:

    Ma’am, I am a U.S. soldier. I am neither evil, stupid nor morally compromised. I have done four tours in this war, and have never killed an innocent person. I think you forget that we were attacked, we responded. I’m not saying that the military is flawless, but I implore you to not generalise us or stereotype us. I never have looked upon an Afghan or an Iraqi as anything less than an equal. I took the time to learn their language, their customs and their way of life. You will always find bad people in any group, but to say that the military is bad because of a few bad people is just wrong. I don’t look at people in the middle east as bad, and they don’t look at me as bad. It’s just you.That’s a lonely place to be.

    • With all due respect, you are talking about someone else. Please read the note to the left of my blog. My site is “libertychick.com”. The producer of that rabid video to which I assume you are referring is “Liberty Chick Live” . THAT IS NOT ME.

      If you read the content of my blog, you’d know immediately that I have all the respect in the world for our military.

  11. Jimmy S says:

    LC, Stranahan says you are a “genius researcher”. Would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions sometime offline? Thanks for your time.

    twitter: @informedblackmn

  12. Don McDonough says:

    Wow, there is a lot here. I know a number of other successful (hated) rich with similar stories. Most all of us started with zilch and now we are the target of the lib’s class warfare attacks.

    And that is not the biggest problem. The goose that laid the golden egg, American Exceptionalism , is in danger of becoming extinct. To paraphrase Reagan, if America, the “last best hope for freedom on earth” caves, where will they go?

    Thanks for the rant… and keep doing what you do to carry the flag.

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