All resources here and activism efforts are provided free of charge.  Donations help to insure that I can continue to contribute my efforts to the cause of the movement and are much appreciated.

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Donate via PayPal

  1. Came over from Patterico’s. Good luck.

  2. Speedy recovery! I enjoy your work very much!

  3. God Bless you honey, I have followed you for years and pray to God this time your suffering is less painful and that you get right back on that blogging horse! We need people like you in the fight!

  4. […] Mandy Nagy is a first-class reporter and an all-around great gal, so, if you could spare a few denarii for one of the good people, please click here to donate. […]

  5. bobbelvedere says:

    Dammit…get better. That’s an order.

    That is all…
    General Robert ‘Bob’ Kurtz-Belvedere

  6. Happy to help in your important work keeping the lights on in the Shining City. Hope you will be feeling better soon. 🙂

  7. Good luck/best wishes….enjoy your work. Hope you feel better soon. Encourage others to contribute.

  8. Sorry you’ve been ill… I sent what I could. I hope it helps. I appreciate what you do, so get well soon! – Cheryl (aka MuddleVanHeck)

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