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During a news conference tonight, authorities confirmed that a body found in the D&R canal during the search for Sarah Majoras is believed to be that of Sarah’s. Foul play is not suspected, but authorities are not ruling it out and will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.  The public is asked to continue to contact authorities with information that can aid in the remaining investigation.

More information at ABC 6.


Family and friends of Sarah Majoras need your help.

The 39 year old resident of Lambertville, NJ went missing in the early hours of the morning of Saturday, January 26th.  She is a popular bartender of 16 years at the well-known John and Peter’s bar in New Hope, PA – a favorite spot for checking out local bands – just on the other side of the bridge that connects the two towns.  She was not working on Friday evening; she is said to have gone to John and Peter’s to hang with friends and listen to live music, then left at about 2:00am Saturday morning for the usual walk to her home from the bar.  She walked home alone and has not been seen since.  Authorities have said that video from closed circuit cameras on the bridge shows that Majoras successfully made it across the bridge.

As a former nearby resident of the area, I’ve spent much time in the bucolic sister towns of New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ.  And every year for the last several years, my mother and I have also spent time there exhibiting artwork at the Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce’s annual New Hope Arts and Crafts Festival.  Walking alone in that area is not something that is typically considered very unsafe.  It’s a quiet, beautiful area, with a friendly tight-knit community, lined with historical colonial homes and charming village shops.

This morning, I received the following email from the Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce:

Your help is urgently needed to help find our friend and local John and Peters bartender, Sarah Majoras.  She was last seen leaving John and Peters at approximately 2am on Jan 26th.  She did not make it home and did not report to work last night for her shift at 9pm.  If you have any information, heard anything strange, have surveillance video from your house or storefront, please call New Hope police (215) 862-3033 .  Someone must know something or have seen something that can help.  Please help to spread the word to the local community, press, social media, anyone.  See picture below on twitter…we are using #findsarah on twitter.

Thank you!

I have also spent much time at John and Peter’s over the years, and while I did not know Sarah, I was shocked and saddened when I opened the email and recognized her young and vibrant face.

Merchants in the area are being urged to check any available surveillance video for potential information that could be helpful to the investigation.

The community is also urging those who wish to assist to please help spread the word in any way you can – blogs, social media, phone, and on foot if you’re nearby.  Again, if you’re tweeting, they are using #findsarah as the hashtag.

There is a Facebook page that has been set up to assist in helping to communicate information about the search for Sarah.  The group has recently added an Information Portal tab to the page that includes photos and downloadable posters, donation information and more.

The following flyer is also available to post online and to print and pass around in nearby areas.

Local and national media outlets have since picked up the story, you can read a few of them below. County Democrat: Scuba divers search beneath canal ice for missing Lambertville woman 100 volunteers join officials in search for missing Lambertville woman

NBC News: Missing Bartender Made it Across Bridge: Investigators

Daily Mail: Scuba divers search under frozen canal for woman, 39, who went missing after walk home alone from nightclub

FOX News: Divers search Delaware River for missing bartender

Once again, if you have any information, or surveillance video that you think can assist in the investigation, please contact the New Hope Police at (215) 862-3033 or the Lambertville Police Department at (609) 397-3132.


UPDATE on 1/30/2013 at 3:30pm EST:

The prosecutor’s office and investigators on the case are holding a live press conference today to begin sometime between 3:30 and 4:00 pm EST.  Livestream is available here at ABC-6.  Hunterdon County, NJ prosecutor to press: “You are our mouthpiece.”

I will add that the area of New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ  is a popular tourist area in NJ.  Visitors from out of town could have been in the area and seen or heard something before leaving the area without ever having known about Sarah having gone missing – this is why spreading this story outside of the immediate community is so important.

UPDATE on 1/30/2013 at 12:00pm EST:

No new leads; the search continues.

“Underwater searches are focused on the canal and are no longer taking place in the Delaware River, since authorities determined Majoras made it into Lambertville.”
More at LehighValleyLive.

UPDATE on 1/29/2013 at 2:30pm EST:

Planet Princeton reports that the prosecutor’s office has released an update, as well as footage of Sarah Majoras crossing the bridge from New Hope, PA into Lambertville, NJ in the hopes that “it may trigger someone’s memory if they saw her that night.”  View their article to see still photos of the footage.

ABC / Action News has also posted a complete set of photos of the search activities, including additional photos of the surveillance footage.