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If you’re a regular Liberty Chick reader, you may have noticed something different when you arrived at my blog today…very different, indeed.  That’s because the site’s not only got a whole new look and feel, but the content has been completely streamlined as well.

I’d been working with several grassroots activist groups over the last two years.  Given that it was a growing period for so many, my previous blog was doing double duty as a portal of resources to help these groups to organize and grow.  I’m delighted to say that most have grown beyond anyone’s wildest expectations and it is exciting to see where so many of these grassroots activists are today.  Some have even moved on to become leaders in a fast growing and now largely self-sustaining movement.

That said, it was finally time to redesign my website to focus again on my own writing and research, where my attention will be in 2011.  Allow me to give you a quick summary of the new site: